About Tight Lines

There's nothing like the early morning serenity on the lake, before the sun heats up the day, that early morning fishing is wonderful. We check out the lake and see from above if there is any activity. Just to entice the fish, we throw out some bait onto the lake to create interest. We cast off and with really fresh pita bread, single hook, one meter from the bob and wait for the pita to melt into a milky foam, that the grey mullet will be attacted to. The grey mullet in some of the lakes here can get up to 4 or 5 kilo, keeping low and hidden in water growth and rocks, feeding from the bottom and hardly coming up. Over years of fishing, with local knowledge of the best places and the habits of larger fish, we are bringing you a great fishing experience. Learn to fish these waters, the best places and the techniques to have a successful day out on the water.      


Call us now for a great day's fishing. Tight Lines are here to share our expert knowledge of the local waters.